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The 221-mile John Muir Trail travels the Sierra Nevada crest from Yosemite Valley across eleven mountain passes to the summit of 14,495-foot Mt. Whitney, the highest point in the lower forty-eight states. Measureless Mountain Days: A Father and Son on the John Muir Trail is a lively telling of three weeks in the wilderness illustrated with extraordinary outdoor photography.
Share the wilderness journey – its unique hardships and its special victories – of a father and his reluctant eighteen-year old son.
You will feel like you are on the trail.


Hello and Welcome

I hope to convey here through words and pictures, a passion for wild places—places where the views are grand and the silence complete; where the immense landscape and overwhelming solitude scare us and thrill us all at once. We feel so alone and vulnerable while the beauty is almost incomprehensible.
The desire to visit such places — alpine country in particular — is a longing that simmers inside me always. Perhaps you feel that tug as well. When you can't be there, the idea still fills your thoughts. If you feel that pull, I hope these words and images will remind you why you love it. If you don't, I hope they will instill in you the desire to go.
Explore my site. Enjoy the photography and read my blog. And whether you travel the wilderness on the trail or on the sofa, I hope you will buy my ebook, Measureless Mountain Days: A Father and Son on the John Muir Trail. It is a lively story of the trip my son and I took and the unusual difficulties we faced beyond the normal backcountry deprivations.

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